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"My daughter started with B•Ballers and she loves it! Coach Greg is exceptional with the kids, teaching the kids great fundamentals while making it fun for the little ones at the same time. All the kids are engaged and have a great time regardless of skill level which is key. I definitely recommend it."

—Heiner H.


"Such a fun program. My 8-year-old daughter had a blast playing ball and doing drills. Perfect to get outside and get the kids back into exercise!"

—Colleen B.


"I don't think I have enough space to express how grateful I am. My son has been here for a while now. He went from just saying I want to play basketball to showing me all the different ways he's able to shoot the ball into the basket. Great to build confidence and teach you different skill sets. Thanks, guys keep it up.

—Marilyn A.

Coach G 2

"Coach Greg and his coaches are such great coaches! B•Ballers are the best! The coaches are motivating and really bring out the passion in the kids! We have been to basketball classes all around the area and nothing compares. My son looks forward to going to his classes and we'll be going to more classes in the future!"

—Owdel B.