Little Ballers Basketball League

Bring a basketball, water, and your excitement to learn and have fun!

Girls and Boys / Ages 6–8
$195 per player/ Jersey included

Saturdays in May/June

Little Ballers League has been created for beginner players to improve and develop basic skills and knowledge of the game of basketball. We aim for it to be a positive experience where teamwork, sportsmanship, and fun are emphasized in an encouraging environment.

Game Rules

  • The score will be kept, but there will be no overtime in the regular season games
  • Overtime in the championship game will be one (3) minutes of play. If the game requires second overtime then sudden-death overtime is in effect. Sudden death overtime is the first team to score
  • Chance to score rule – Each player will shoot 1 free throw at the start of the game. All made baskets will count towards the score
  • Each basket will count as 2 points, free throws count as 1 point
  • Each game will begin with both teams and all coaches gathered at center court to review rules and to determine which team starts with the ball, coin toss
  • Games will be played 4 on 4 or 5 on 5 depending on team size
  • Games will consist of two twelve (12) minute halves with a running clock. The clock only stops when there is a timeout, injury, or ref’s call
  • Halftime: 3-minutes in length
  • Substitutions are mandatory at every four (4) minute mark in each half. Teams must empty bench each substitution
  • Fouls will not be recorded. But if a player commits a foul, the opposing team will take out the ball from the sideline. If it is a shooting foul, the player will receive free throws.
  • Rim height will be eight (8) feet
  • The basketball size will be 27.5
  • Each team will be permitted one (1) timeout per half. They do not carry over
  • The defence must stay below the half-court line at all times. No full-court press.
  • There will be no stealing/grabbing the ball out of an opposing player's hand when in possession
  • Games will be controlled by 1 referee and/or both head coaches to ensure a positive and fun environment for the participants
  • Mercy Rule: if the score is greater than a 15-point difference, the scoreboard will no longer continue to keep the score. The team-up by 15 will be credited with the win

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Little Ballers League is $195 per player, jersey included. 

Payments will not be accepted on the day of or after the first session.